Registration Guidelines


As a new student, you can only Pay Fee and Register your courses on the portal if
1. You have been cleared by the Admission clearance officer;
2. A Username and password will be given to you to proceed to the portal
3. After Fee Payment, proceed to Bursary to obtain DSPZ Official receipt
4. Proceed to Admission to obtain your Matriculation Number
5. Return back to the Portal for Course Registration

Stage I – Fee Payment on the Portal after username & password is given
Visit; Click on Portal Login;

Enter your Application/Matriculation Number as Username and your password;

On the welcome screen, ensure you carefully read the Terms of Use of Agreement with respect to the portal. To proceed with your fees payment, click on the I Agree button below the page.

On the Post Login page as successful login. Click on Pay Your Fees (Top right-hand side of the page) to proceed with your schools fees payment;

Click on the Check box [] “School Fee” and Click on [Add Selected Item to My Fee List] then Click on [Confirm Payment] then Click on the () SWPayment and Click on Pay Now

Clicking on Pay Now which will call up an alert box, Click OK to proceed with payment process then click on the url “Click here to open a window that will take you to site to make the payment” This URL will take you to Payment platform to enter your Card (Verve or MasterCard) details.

After a successful payment, go back to the portal and click on the url “After a successful payment click here to proceed” . Click on DISPLAY FEES to show the paid fee. You will then be asked to change your password. Kindly update it.

NB: The use of BACK, FORWARD, STOP and/or REFRESH buttons on browsers at any point in the process of paying fees is STRONGLY discouraged. As much as it is possible, ensure that all requirements are met before proceeding to a next stage.

After Matriculation Number have been given to you then proceed to register your courses on the portal by following the guidelines as outlined below:
Visit; Click on Portal Login;
Enter your Application/Matriculation Number as Username and your password;

After successful fee payment, your profile will then be opened. Once your profile is opened, a welcome dialogue box is displayed on your screen. Click the OK button to proceed. Afterwards, click on the Course Registration or My Registration hyperlink and then the courses you are supposed to take for the session will be displayed.

In case you want to add more courses, you have to add them one after the other. To add a course to the default courses, click on Add more Courses. This opens up a space for you to input the Course Code of the course you intended to add.

Input the course code (e.g. POS 202) and then click on the Search button. If the course truly exists on the portal, the course will be displayed. You are then to click on the Check box to the left of the displayed course to select the course and then thereafter click on Add Selected Courses button to add the course.

This adds the selected course to the already outlined courses for the session. You are to repeat this process for as many courses you desire to add.

In case you want to remove one or more courses from the default courses, all you have to do is to click on the check box to the left of the course code marked [X]. Clicking on [X] prompts you to confirm your intent to remove the course. Once you click on the OK button, the course will be removed from the list of courses.

When you are sure that the courses you are supposed to offer are complete, you can then click on Save button and then thereafter click on the Submit button;

You can then print copies of the registered courses out by clicking on the Print tab. You are then expected to sign and return the printed course form to your Head of department.

We wish you a blissful experience in our great institution.

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